10 Ways Tern Will Change How You Think About Work and Travel

1) Tern will change the way you think about the travel industry. Travel is one of the fastest growing industries, which according to Phocuswright, raking in $1.3 trillion annually. In APAC alone, online travel gross bookings shot from US$4.8 billion to US$137 billion in the last 14 years! Contrary to belief, it is about far more than traditional tourism and hospitality. As the world goes online, people have disrupted everything; from changing the way we get inspired, plan and book to the way we share our experiences with others. It has opened up a whole new world of career paths and opportunities that are there for the taking!

2) Get inspired from the get go as our “Travel Leaders Share Their Stories” on how they made their mark in the world. These trailblazers will cover remarkable ground with topics spanning their experience of starting up, life as an entrepreneur, and how their travel careers have shaped their lives. Not only will it show you the breadth and diversity of careers in the industry but it will also help you identify where your interests truly lie.

3) Building a career is about far more than clocking in from 9 to 5 and pushing paper behind a desk. Technology has inter-meshed how we work, live and play, so we’re adamant that the right career should fulfil your personal aspirations too. Tern speaker, Colin Goh (founder and CEO of The Rice Academy) will help you understand the new ‘economy of meaning’, and how you can embrace it in your own career!

4) Not quite sure what we mean by the ‘new [digital] economy’? Our panel of young and fresh, talented newbies have been there and conquered that! They’ll share their trials and tribulations on what entering the modern workforce is really like and what they’ve learned so far!

5) Knowing what to expect is one thing, but how exactly do you get your foot in the door to land that dream job? Applying for jobs can often feel like a fruitless task, where it feels like no one is ever entirely sure what employers are looking for. To remove that shroud of mystery, Wanmay Ang, an HR guru from Egon Zehnder will shed light on recruitment trends, gaps in the industry and the specific qualities companies look for when scouting for new employees.

6) Learn what makes you special in our exciting ‘Element Pitch’ competition. It will help you identify and embrace your unique, personal qualities that can positively impact your career! All you have to do is stand up, make a pitch on what unique element you have or wish you had, and we’ll match you with a
coach who will prepare you for a Grand Finals pitch at the end of the day. There will be prizes, of course!

7) Set on paving your own path? In the age of information, today’s youth are one of the biggest sources of fresh, innovative ideas. Our “So You Want To Be A Start-Up: What Does It Take” will be led by those who have already scouted the path and lived to tell the tale. Full disclosure: it’s not easy. But this segment will arm you with the knowledge you need to successfully build your own business ideas instead of necessarily working for someone else’s.

8) If you’re not exactly a newbie but want to feel inspired again, our “Don’t Get Stuck In The Middle: How To Grow Your Career Midway” panel will show you how to stay relevant and keep the passion in your career alive. Our mid-senior industry professionals will share their secret sauce for recharging and rebooting after plenty of years in the biz, and show you how exactly they keep up with travel’s constant evolutions.

9) Remember: one quick hello could change your life! So take advantage of the opportunity to network with our inspiring speakers and coaches.  Make the most of the day by mixing and mingling with some of the leading figures in the travel industry at lunch or during the break. Be sure to drop your name into our “Mentor Boxes” too, and stand the chance to win 10 hours of mentoring time!

10) We all know kick-starting a career can be a matter of just getting your CV in the right hands, and we’d like to make that happen! All attendees will get the exclusive chance to have their CV’s seen by our esteemed panel of speakers! As well as the opportunity to submit answers to our quirky career quiz, which can be submitted online before the event. So don’t be shy, it’s time to show off that innovative mind of yours!


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