Tahnya Butterfield-Gill, Founder, NOSHtrekker

Tahnya Butterfield-Gill, Founder, NOSHtrekker

Tahnya is the founder of NOSHtrekker, a food tourism platform that changes the way travellers connect with cultures by welcoming them in the homes of locals who love to cook and feed guests with edible stories filled with nostalgia, heritage and tradition.

Tahnya is an educator, motivator and business coach who believes that revenue and profit is an outcome of having committed and energised people. An Australian living and working in Singapore for more than a decade, she has helped companies – from banking to FMCG, luxury and retail – build workplace cultures of people who know ‘why they do what they do’.

Over 25 years, Tahnya has spent over 10,000 hours positioning leaders and teams for success, making change a commercial and cultural reality, aligning strategies to a common purpose and supporting clients with tools for implementation and buy-in. She also advises a number of start-ups across Asia Pacific.

When Tahnya travels, it is to meet locals; the hawkers of culture, translators of topography, trivia nuts, social anthropologists, insightful old-timers and knowledgeable newcomers. Her realisation that meeting and learning from locals is ‘why’ people travel in the first place led her to create NOSHtrekker in 2015. Since then, NOSH Hosts in Singapore, South Africa, Brunei – and soon to be Australia – have been connecting with travellers from around the world through local flavours and captivating hospitality.